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now shorten: StrikeForce is actively seeking highly motivated and dedicated players who prioritize the safety of CobraTV and our community. Join us as we participate in livestreams, Medical Beacons, StrikeForce request, trainings, org vs. org battles, and more. We’re a family of friends bonded by our passion for gaming & the game itself.


Considering joining StrikeForce? Our recruitment process ensures both you and we assess if it’s the right fit. Here’s what to expect:

1. Send Application

The first step is submitting your application, which provides us with your identity details and sets up your member page. Feel free to join us in the mess hall to introduce yourself beforehand. You can already join the group, participate in events, and take part in operations.

2. Get your Sign-Off's

The next phase of becoming a StrikeForce Member involves obtaining multiple sign-offs. This process requires completing tasks proficiently and demonstrating your capabilities across various areas. It’s your chance to showcase dedication and skills, helping our leadership to get to know you and assess your potential contributions to the StrikeForce.

3. Graduation

Congratulations! Once you have successfully obtained the required sign-offs, you are officially a StrikeForce Member and gain the privilege to join a squad or squadron.

Open Positions

StrikeForce is looking to fill the following positions. While we aim to accommodate your preferences, assignments depend on operational needs. Transfers within StrikeForce are possible after joining.

open positions

AirForce Recruits

AirForce is looking for 6 new Airman to join our Fighter Squadrons


GroundForce Recruits

GroundForce is looking for 3 new Privates to join our Ground Squads


Ship Crew

The StrikeForce is looking for new Crewman, that play on bigger ships and work with inventory management, turret gunning, other ship task including logistics, piloting and engineering. 


StrikeForce Dispatcher

StrikeForce is looking for 1 dispatchers to create a communication channel between the live stream and the command channel



StrikeForce is always looking for Weekend Warriors that want to enjoy organized gameplay


StrikeForce does not require a minimum time commitment. However, we expect our members to stay on top of their responsibilities within their roles. If you need to take a break or go on holiday, please inform us in advance.
Promotions in StrikeForce are achieved through consistent activity and showing your dedication by participating regularly in missions and events, and by fulfilling your assigned duties with excellence. Follow the chain of command, complete required training exercises, and demonstrate leadership and teamwork. If your commitment and performance is not recognized by that, please inform a superior about your interest in a higher ranked role.
Yes! If you wish to change your role, department or position, simply choose a new one that aligns with your interests. Then, discuss your desired change with your squad leader or superior officer. Upon approval, the transition will be seamlessly executed. Adaptability and finding the best fit for each member are key to our operational success.

That’s not a problem. If you become inactive or step down from your position for any reason, you will be assigned the role of a reservist. As a reservist, you are welcome to participate in all trainings and events without any responsibilities. If your inactivity persists over months, we may remove you from StrikeForce. However, please know that you will always be welcome to return.


Should your availability change and you can no longer commit time, we salute your service and keep the door open for your return whenever you’re ready. Your dedication is valued, and your place in StrikeForce will always be here.

You are free to choose any open position within StrikeForce. We aim to provide everyone the freedom to enjoy the game in their preferred way, allowing you to play in squadrons or with ship crews you are familiar with, trained in, and have established a bond with.


Selecting a permanent position does not mean you are prohibited from trying out other roles. We organize based on a mix of demand. priority & playability, yet everyone undergoes basic training for all roles. If you wish to explore a different role, you are welcome to fill any available position. 

We label our RP Style as ‘Soft Mil-Sim.’ Our roles and ranks entail responsibilities and duties that are expected to be fulfilled. Ontop of that we encourage individual character development within their designated positions alongside their consistent ship-mates, wingmen, and comrades.


But at the end of the day, we’re all friends trying to have fun playing games and take part of this long journey that is call Star Citizens Development and we therefor also just hangout, chat & enjoy our company in a personal way, taking things not to serious.

Open Specialist & Officer Roles

Your next step after achieving Rank E-3 in StrikeForce
open positions


StrikeForce is currently seeking 1 new squadron leaders: one for the Medium Fighter Squadron “Viper”



StrikeForce is looking for a new squad-leader.



StrikeForce is looking for a new Dispatcher communicating between Cobra livestreams & the StrikeForce


Training Officer

StrikeForce is looking for a new Training Officer who overwatches the training, creates & updates trainings and assures high-quality trainings in general in cooperation with the department leads.


If you're interested directly contact FiggyGee or JamesFortSawyer

Our current leadership is complete

Recruit Application

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