Cobra StrikeForce

The Cobra StrikeForce is a division within CobraTV’s Star Citizen Community, known as CobroForce. Emerging from the Bounty Hunting Comms on CobroForce’s Discord, the StrikeForce has evolved into a Cobra-sanctioned, self-organized entity comprised of CobroForce members who share an interest in Mil-Sim oriented gameplay.

About the StrikeForce

With our permanent fleet and regular trainings, we are constantly trying to improve and adapt to the dangerous situations that the Universe of Star Citizen throws at us. With many of our members having their roots in military, bounty-hunting & mercenary work, we are building a strong foundation for the future of this military entity inside of the CobroForce.


The Cobra StrikeForce focuses on playing in a role-play style and is devided into AirForce, GroundForce and the Navy. Our recruitment and ranking systems are designed to cultivate Recruits into competent, empathetic, and respectful players who stand as guardians for our fellow CobroForce members. With regular training sessions open to all members of CobroForce and a regular schedule of events and organizational battles, we provide a diverse range of gameplay experiences to those interested in our MIL-SIM style approach. We are not striving to be a competitive or exclusively “aces only” group; that is not reflective of our identity.

Cobra StrikeForce Commander

What StrikeForce stands for

A Message from the Commander

With the StrikeForce, we want to create a brotherhood for combat oriented players that search for a permanent, highly active and organized home. 

We understand that even though Star Citizen is “just a game”, there is demand for organized gameplay and we want, with the Cobra StrikeForce, to offer this specialized activity to any interested co-members in the CobroForce

StrikeForce Leadership

Training, Logistics, Medical & Counselor

StrikeForce Commander

Wing Commander

Field Commander

Logistics Officer


Inspector General

Medical Officer


aUEC spent last half-year

29'967'000 aUEC

to arm our force



protecting Cobra



Geared & Ready